Topic areas covered by publishers on Red Dot 21

On Red Dot 21, it is not just manufactures, designers and design studios who present themselves, but also publishers whose topic areas match our philosophy. They have their own special section. Here the publishers describe themselves by means of a short profile and can introduce themselves to design enthusiasts along with their books on design, architecture, fashion, art, photography or cookery.

Books as add-ons to design products and projects

Short profiles of publishers and the publications presented complement the broad range of design products and projects shown on Red Dot 21. They can serve as a source of inspiration and have also found their way into the “Design & lifestyle trends” section of the magazine in the form of book presentations. The magazine includes interviews with leading personalities in the different publishers who share their recommendations for design-focused books. The description of these topic-specific books is frequently presented together with the author’s resume, which gives readers relevant background information. Publications that have already won an award at a design competition are indicated with the relevant logo of the competition to signal their outstanding design and high quality.

The books presented on Red Dot 21 are simple to find by starting from the short profile of your preferred publishers. From there you can easily navigate to the relevant book presentations. The personal introduction by the publishers is bound to give you information about the history and background of the company that you did not know before. Browse through the world of books on Red Dot 21 and find out more about renowned publishers and their authors.