Haupt Verlag AG
Falkenplatz 14 3012 Bern Switzerland
Phone: +41 31 309 09 09
Fax: +41 31 309 09 10

The Haupt Verlag AG (formerly Verlag Paul Haupt) is a Swiss publishing house with its own bookshops and head office in Bern. In the beginning, Haupt‘s main focus areas were in the fields of fiction, scientific publications and non-fiction books.

Today, the company is managed by the grandson of Paul Haupt, Mathias Haupt, who is assisted by his family and a several member Board of Directors. The publishing house has 30 employees. This was, at one time, a broadly diversified scientific publishing house. Now, in the course of the last 15 years, it has established itself as an innovative and modern publisher of non-fiction and which enjoys an international reputation. In German-speaking areas, it has grown to become one of the leading publishing houses for creative books and for books on nature, where everything is about “good books”. With nature guides and reference books that are rich in pictures on subjects related to nature in Alpine regions, the publishing house has specialised on the subject of nature and, aside from that, also releases apps for Apple and Android which are dedicated to special subjects related to nature and through which male and female authors share their in-depth knowledge.

Nowadays, the Haupt Verlag publishes about 100 new titles every year. Aside from high-value books, the Haupt Verlag also offers carefully structured introductory books on the subjects of shapes, design, architecture, academic specialist literature and also textbooks for students.

The Haupt Verlag is housed in a historical building at Falkenplatz, in the Länggas Quartier, which optimally supplements the cultural offerings of the Swiss federal city of Bern. Atelier 14 B (Studio 14 B) that is associated with it is also located here. This was a one-time warehouse for books, where readings and workshops are regularly conducted nowadays.

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