Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH
Siekerwall 21 33602 Bielefeld Deutschland
Phone: +49 (0)521/559-0
Fax: +49 (0)521/559 88 114

Delius Klasing is one of Europe’s leading special-interest publishers, publishing works in the fields of water sports, cycling, mountaineering, sports and automotive. The company has a long tradition and a range that includes roughly 1,100 available book titles, more than 40 calendars and numerous software products. Delius Klasing is characterised by high-quality content, unparalleled product quality and exceptional service. Around 100 new publications are added to the portfolio each year.

Novelties focus on maritime and automotive books, rounded off with an extensive range of literature on outdoor activities, sports and cycling. The portfolio also includes more than 350 e-books, numerous online and app offerings as well as 17 magazines covering all of the publisher’s topics. In addition, Delius Klasing is one of the first special-interest publishers in Germany to also make a name for itself in the virtual realm. Since the late summer of 2011, the BIKE app is the first digital edition of a magazine from the publisher’s portfolio to be available in the App Store. Almost all magazines are now also available in digital form. Another string to the company’s bow are its events, with a total of around 20 dedicated events for racing bikers, water sports enthusiasts and mountain bikers. These events are specially geared to the publisher’s target groups.

The history

Founded in Berlin in 1911, the company’s head office is now in Bielefeld and looks back on a publishing history of more than a century. The publishing company employs a total of more than 200 employees in Bielefeld as well as at the editorial locations in Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg.

Publisher Konrad Delius has a keen eye that is informed by his personal enthusiasm for all of the topics covered by his company. “Our aim is to move people. That is why we want to use our media to constantly provide an impetus to jump on a bike and discover nature, go sailing and feel the wind and the waves or experience mobility in all of its nuances using a car. This task is not just a job, it is our passion.” Its consistent gearing to its target groups and the commitment to offer its readers a top service are also reflected in the online activities of the Delius Klasing publishing house.

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