Georg D.W. Callwey GmbH & Co. KG
Streitfeldstr. 35 81673 München Deutschland
Phone: +49 89 436005-0
Fax: +49 89 436005-113

Callwey is the leading publishing company for architecture, landscape architecture, handicraft, natural stone, gardens, design and lifestyle. For over 130 years, Callwey Verlag has been synonymous with high-quality journalism, specialist expertise and creative content.

With the brands Callwey, Baumeister, Garten + Landschaft, Mappe, RESTAURO, STEIN and Topos, Callwey creates worlds of experience for the readers. Each magazine, each book and each author has the aim of creating special content and added value for the readers. It publishes books on gardening, cooking and architecture. The independent family-owned company and modern media firm was founded in Munich in 1884 by Georg D.W. Callwey. Georg D.W. Callwey was born on 22 October 1854 in Hamm in Westphalia. After finishing school, he trained in the book trade. After eleven years of practical experience working in bookshops and publishing companies that included Jakob Hegner and Ernst Rowohlt, he decided to set up his own business. He believed that there was a gap on the market for a publishing company focused on aesthetics, and founded his own in Munich after initially considering Leipzig and Berlin as possible locations.

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