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The books released by Becker Joest Volk Verlag publishing company are distinguished by their superior design, photography and texts, which set new standards for production and printing. Roughly 20 new titles are published each year on the US, the UK and the Australian markets and through licenses e.g. in Italy, the Netherlands, eastern Europe and even in China. A large number of the publisher’s books – a total of more than 30 – have already won national and international awards. Not only because of their success, but also because of their firm conviction, the 12-member team continues to focus on quality instead of quantity. “Fewer titles, compiled with the most possible care, the greatest justifiable investment, and the best names in the field”, that’s the motto of the three publishers and their team.

The history

In April 2003, garden photographer Jürgen Becker together with the two owners of the advertising agency Makro Chroma, Ralf Joest and H.-E. Volk, established the Becker Joest Volk Publishing Company in Hilden (in the Rhineland region). Since 2009, the company has not only produced garden books, but has also specialised in publishing exclusive cookbooks and high-quality photography books. Becker Joest Volk Verlag is one of the top 5 publishers for cookbooks. With successful authors like Dr. Anne Fleck, Lutz Geißler and Attila Hildmann, it is often to be found on the bestseller lists for “Cookbooks, nutrition and diet”. In 2013, the value of the books sold exceeded EUR 10 million for the first time. In the same year, the range was extended to include the areas of DIY, art and photography. Since 2016, the publishing company has also published a garden magazine titled “Gartendesign Inspiration” in cooperation with Forum Verlag publishers.


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