ars vivendi
Bauhof 1 90556 Cadolzburg Deutschland
Phone: +49 (0) 91 03 - 719 29 0
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As the name suggests, the publisher at ars vivendi, Norbert Treuheit, and his team have dedicated themselves to the art of living. The carefully selected portfolio is informed by the search for beauty, aesthetics and quality as well as a love of detail. Calendars, postcards and gift items round off the range.

It is this diverse and highly distinctive profile with books that are attractive in terms of content and design – shaped by old reliables as well as by fresh, young ideas – that makes ars vivendi so successful and has allowed it to become an established cultural partner to the region over the years. The small and specialised publishing company was present with a stand at Frankfurt’s book fair back in 1990, and since 2008 has also been a member of the artfolio sales alliance alongside selected, like-minded partner publishers.

The history

Norbert Treuheit founded ars vivendi more than 25 years ago, in 1988. He was one of the first to graduate from the advanced programme in book sciences from Munich’s Ludwig Maximilians University. It all started with an extremely successful restaurant guide series that made it into the bars and restaurants of roughly 25 cities, including Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. The titles from the series were called “Zwischen Sekt & Selters” (“From sparkling wine to sparkling water”) and “Zwischen Shrimps & Schaschlik” (“From shrimp to shish kebab”). It wasn’t long before the first works of fiction emerged, and from 1992 onward the arty and atmospheric ars vivendi calendars, which have since won regular awards. The range was then gradually extended over the years. The publisher’s popular detective novel series came into being almost ten years ago, and there are also more and more exciting and enjoyable reads to discover in the field of cooking in recent years.

The project initiated in 2000 in collaboration with translator and theatre personality Frank Günther is a highlight in the history of the publishing company. ars vivendi released the first volume of the ambitious project to publish the entire works of Shakespeare in bilingual form, which now encompasses 34 of the 39 titles planned.



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