According to the survey, about half a year of a man’s entire life is wasted in traffic jams and in every hour, city cars produce up to 1 ton of PM2.5 emissions in Beijing. As urban housing prices soar, every inch of land becomes infinitely precious. The YunBike is designed to change everyday city travel, quantify riding habits, and create much more possibilities with data. One more bike equates to one less car. YunBike brings about a green smart travel. An intelligent portable electric vehicle, the whole frame of a YunBike is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with subversive art modeling. With 188 carefully crafted parts, it weighs about 16kg. It can travel as far as 30km with a full battery and can be folded into a compact form (45cm × 57cm × 125cm) in just two simple steps. Furthermore, the YunBike is also equipped with an intelligent YunBike OS with three personalised voice patterns. The bike itself is designed with adjustable coloured lighting, easily switchable via the application to suit different riding modes. Secondly, the OS offers security features by working with smart sensors in the vehicle – users can lock the bike remotely and check the conditions of the bike’s components. Lastly, it is the designers’ intention to build a social community of YunBike users via the application. As added services, the application can also supply users with real-time weather condition notifications, battery reminders and a navigational map.

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