Cubic-shaped yoghurt cartons are common. Typically, a layer of solidified yoghurt will cling to the lid and sidewalls inside the carton. This thin layer is still nourishing and can be enjoyed, although it is difficult to access. The most common way to drink this type of snack is to insert a straw through the lid. This makes it difficult to access the underside of the lid and the sidewalls. The consumer will often peel off the lid and then scrape off the remaining yoghurt, which is not a particularly convenient process.

A small improvement – a bevelled corner – can make a big difference to the experience of eating from a yoghurt carton. Bevelled at an angle of 45 degrees, this corner becomes a convenient place to insert the straw. There is more room to manoeuvre the straw, allowing all the yoghurt to be accessed and enjoyed. The straw can also be used as a stirrer.

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