The design concept was inspired by the kung fu manoeuvre of “floating above the water”. Waterfly is a modern running shoe with a light image. The shoe is defined by its three parts. Firstly, the curves and colour were derived from ripples in the water; secondly, the streamlined shape represents a wave motion; thirdly, the jelly silicone rubber sole encapsulates the sense of lightness and floating on the water.

The nano-textile that forms the top of the shoe allows a good flow of air through the weave. Nano-tubes inflate with air through the motion of the wearer, inflating the fabric and causing it to expand toward the ankle and provide greater support.

The design of the sole was inspired by the muscles of the foot. The idea was to convey the idea of running with bare feet. The sole is divided into a grid of zones, each of which draw in air during use. A release valve, which is pressed at the end of one’s workout, deflates the shoes so they can be taken off easily. In their deflated state they are more compact, allowing efficient storage and transportation.

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