The principles of spiral water pumps and water filtration have been applied to the design of WATER TO GO, a portable water-recycling system in a box. Measuring 35 × 30 × 30cm, it is easy to carry around and uses water from any available water source to create a water-recycling loop by incorporating the following accessories: a water pipe, a pipe connector, a filter, a clear plastic or silicone water basin, a plastic water tank and a coated metal box. When not in use, all the above accessories can be stored in the box, making it a great clean water solution for remote areas or poorer habitats. How to use: 1. Pour the water source into the basin. 2. Remove the stopper of the basin and allow the water to flow downwards into the box. 3. The water goes through a deep filtration system. 4. Transfer newly cleaned water into a drinkable water tank. 5. Turn off the water valve on the side box and swivel the lever handle to the right 6. As the spiral Water pump rotates, drinkable water in the water tank is pumped up. 7. Water flows out of the tap and into the basin. Insert the basin stopper to hold the water. 8. When clean water becomes dirty, remove the stopper and repeat the water-recycling process.

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