This concept is not meant to answer what encompasses the Porsche brand, but rather, to question it. The Porsche type 64 concept 2039 design is embedded with so much technological features that they are even expressed aesthetically along the body’s lines. For example, triangular accents are used as a radiators to provide much needed cooling for a one-of-a-kind thermoelectric power plant. While the new car is packed with all the latest technologies, it still strives to maintain its design purity. In order to produce such an advanced vehicle, cutting-edge manufacturing methods would have to be used. First of all, composite 3D metal printing would be paramount to achieve the highest standards possible. The Daylight Opening (DLO) has a very 3D shape and partially supports the chassis structure. For power-plant cooling purposes, Nano-scaled Graphene will be used, which ensures the ultimate cooling performance. The most distinctive feature of a Porsche Type 64 Concept 2039 is its polygonal cooling system, which was chosen not only for its aesthetic aspects but also to improve cooling capability. Thermoelectric power plants require both hot and cold sides in order to function properly. As such, it requires a substantial area for releasing the excess heat. That’s where the exposed triangulated cooling system come into play. They allow for a bigger cooling area in the same given space due to its folded properties. Besides its functional properties, the radiator also adds aesthetic to the exterior. The final product is a design that balances form and function. The car simply feels right because there is nothing else that can be added or subtracted. All lines are coherent and they serve a common purpose of wrapping excellent engineering into the purest form.

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