VerusTMD is a compact desktop counterfeit protection system for polymer banknotes. The devices in this range have been designed to detect the unique physical and optical characteristics of ClarityTMC film. This means that if the note inserted into the device does not match these features, VerusTM D will display a red light and produce an audible alert. The device is therefore able to detect and confirm ClarityTMC film, and identify unknown or suspicious film types for further checking. VerusTM D offers a high level of validation of the substrate and can be used as part of a broader security strategy. This in turn can build public and banking confidence in banknotes printed on Guardian® substrate – the most sophisticated banknote substrate in the world that allows advanced security features to be embedded, currently issued on 78 denominations in 24 countries worldwide. Internally, the VerusTM D device scans the window of the note by reading the birefringence of the material. This is achieved using a pair of polarising films, a series of paired LEDs and detectors that take readings from either side of the note being scanned. ClarityTMC film has specific values due to the unique “bubble” process in which it is produced, and the VerusTM D can verify whether the note is genuine or not by looking for specific criteria. To scan the note, the user simply lowers it into the slot on the top face of the VerusTM D, ensuring a window is in the portion of the note being scanned. The device then gives the user a simple LED signal, accompanied by an audible alert.

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