Many places in south of China suffer from flood during rainy seasons. Roads tend to be blocked when the bridges are broken, especially in older regions, which bring about difficulty for rescue and material delivery. The Vehicle-Launched Bridge is a special vehicle that forms a temporary bridge quickly by deformation, combination and assembly. Its width is modifiable, so as to help the sufferers out and deliver materials. It is convenient and safe for rescue, especially in complex conditions. How the vehicle works is that it first finds its position and direction on one side of the river, before stabilising itself by extending its ‘legs’ on both sides. Stairs are the lowered at the tail and a hydraulic pole is able to raise the main body of the bridge and extend the folding bridge forward rapidly. On the other side of the river, the same vehicle is parked and the same process is carried out. The two bridges will meet and lock in the middle, at a preset position, over the water body, and a temporary bridge is quickly established Important Details: 1. The hydraulic device plays a role in stretching and extending the bridge. 2. The grooved rubber steps increase the friction to prevent users from falling. 3. A buckled link makes the bridge more stable. 4. The hydraulic support structure shifts the weight of the whole body to the vehicle body so that it is safer.

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