If one carefully observes a child drinking from a feeding bottle, one will find some problems during the process, such as discomfort, the sub-optimal way the bottle is used, and the inconveniences of using a feeding bottle. Ordinary milk feeding bottle can be divided into two categories – either made with a built-in straw bottle, or made without a straw. The two different structures of feeding bottles meets the demands of different modes of use. The built-in straw bottle is convenient when the child is sitting or standing up. The bottle without straw is better used when the baby is lying down. The designer’s challenge was to bring about more convenience for the child and as such, a new baby feeding bottle is designed. With UpDown Feeding Bottle, the bottle can be used both ways, when a baby is lying down or standing up. The key feature of this design is the top cap that can switch between these two functions. When the pacifier is connected with a straw inside the bottle, the baby can drink from the bottle while upright. When the pacifier is connected to the hole on the cap, the baby can drink from the bottle while lying down.

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