Traditionally, a sidewalk is made up of a variety of tiles, such as tactile paving, kerbstones and grass or tree planting bricks. In order to make a universal sidewalk, the amount of each kind of the tiles must be accurately calculated, then cut and arranged manually. This results in a waste of excess material and makes the management of paving projects complicated. What’s more, assembled tiles with an uneven surface can cause pedestrians to trip. UNUN Brick is designed as a universal pavement brick that can be turned into multiple types of tiles or bricks easily without the need for cutting. Like normal tiles, UNUN Brick can be laid planar in different combination to form pavement tiles, grass planting bricks or kerbstones. It can also be turned into braille tiles when vertically laid. The yellow part of a UNUN Brick is made in magnetic rubber to prevent accidents caused by uneven surfaces, as well as to prevent the expansion and contraction of tiles.

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