The UNI system is a unified neonatal system that serves to simplify the handling of the equipment at the NICU. The system consists out of a CPAP, Humidifier, Serialised water bag, EDI and four Syringe pumps. A modular Ventilator/HFO unit is also included in the system for more extreme situations. By unifying the most used NICU equipment into one system, the UNI system saves space, reduces the number of cables/hoses needed, and creates a better overview of the NICU equipment. The primary user of the UNI system is the hospital staff, such as nurses and doctors that is working in the NICU environment. The UNI system is space saving – if a room used to have 4 incubators and 16 to 20 freestanding machines, now only 4 incubators and 4 UNI systems are needed to perform the same functions. The UNI system has resulted in a much tidier and calmer work environment for the NICU personnel.

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