Unbreakable is a result of the modern technological material used to replace traditional teapot production. The designers hope to integrate past and contemporary tea-making experiences to present a new tea making method. Unbreakable shows, delightfully, how Eastern and Western cultures are inseparable – its new material contributes to the new experience. Its material combines ceramics with an edible and environmentally friendly silicone – the resultant product is a conflicting material of soft and hard object. The silicone also makes the teapot less difficult to clean. The other key features of Unbreakable are: the spout is an integral part of the – its convex and concave patterns provide two unique tea making experiences; both sides of teacup are built with multiple functions – one can experience the spirit of ‘tea-ism’ in depth and appreciate the smell of the tea before tasting the tea; and lastly, the tea strainer bears similar characteristics to the silicon and it can lift up the tea leaves easily to once the tea has steeped long enough.

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