U-pants are specially designed for patients are required to carry a urine drainage bag. There are many problems with existing urine bag designs that pose several inconveniences to patients. Therefore, these trousers with specially designed pockets are meant to greatly improve the quality of the patients’ lives. The interior pocket provides a place to hold the urine drainage bag so that the bag is invisible from outside. The user may observe the amount of urine inside the bag easily. Through a small pocket, the urine bag tube can be pulled out to discharge the urine. There is no need to take out the urine bag or remove the pants to do so. The zipper on the side of the pants assists the patient in the placement and removal of urine bags. It’s also much easier for the nurses when they have to do so. U-pants makes the whole process of using urine bags easier and furthermore, they look just like normal pants. Hidden in the pants, it is hard to notice that the patient is even carrying a urine bag and therefore, it is no longer an embarrassment for the patient.

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