As technology progresses, the range of devices used in presentations have also expanded over the years. However, presenters often find themselves handling too many devices all at once while trying (and often failing) to maintain their voice at a steady and consistent volume. As a direct result of this, listeners also suffer from inaudible or poorly presented presentations. TsunaMIC is designed a total solution for all participants in a presentation, whether presenting or listening. The package includes a wireless microphone presenter that encompasses a microphone, a presenter and a laser pointer; a wireless audio adapter that receives and transmits sound to the loudspeakers; and a smart application that facilitates minute taking and sharing. The audio adapter receives both the voice on the microphone presenter, as well as audio tracks from the computer, and sends a combined output to loudspeakers installed anywhere in the room, allowing listeners in the back of the room to hear the presentation clearly. The ergonomically designed microphone presenter is easy to grip and frees up the speaker’s other hand. With the omni-directional microphone and the auto-level-control technology, the speaker can direct the microphone presenter in any direction and the output volume will remain consistent. Sliding a thumb over the patterned area on the microphone presenter creates distinct sounds that accompany the changing of slides. With TsunaMIC, presentations have finally taken the leap into a new era.

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