Trilobit is developed as a multifunctional locomotive aid that promotes an active life style for physically challenged people. Every Trilobit module is fully interconnected with the functions of a wheelchair. Users can buy an active wheelchair for everyday basic mobility and separately, buy a specific Trilobit module for their leisure activities. In this way, they do not have to buy a complete sports wheelchair that is usually bulky and expensive. The main element of the Trilobit is the central frame with a universal seat to which stabilising components are connected. There is a front and rear axle with wheels and additional fittings such as a backrest, armrest, storage box and a drive unit. With this range of optional accessories, the frame and seat can be quickly converted into a specific sport or leisure aid. This helps physically challenged people widen their range of activities in life. The available options of modules are: hand-bike module for hand-, in-line module for in-line skating, sledge module for sledge skating, mono-ski module for skiing and a bi-ski module for cross-country skiing. A full range of adaptability and extension pieces are also available depending on the user’s needs. Trilobit modules are light in construction, easy to assemble (and disassemble) and compact for storage – especially important when a car is travelling with several wheelchairs and sports equipment.

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