TOYISHTM enables kids to be their own toymakers. The open-ended toy line for kids 3 to 8 years of age consists of themes and categories such as ‘Champions’, ‘Astronauts’, and ‘Dancers’. Each of the themed kits includes a proprietary clear TOYISHTM cup that houses the child’s design, a customisable colouring playbook, high quality accessories and a playful magnetic character. The toys invite the child’s artistic participation by providing a range of colouring inserts for their selection and design. The unique masterpiece is complete when various top and bottom accessories are connected to the cup using the magnetic character that holds everything together. The personalised mix and match possibilities enable kids to express themselves and experience pride in their creations. They encourage kids to look at things differently, break the rules, and put pieces together in imaginative ways. There are no right or wrong ways to be creative; that’s the fun of TOYISHTM!

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