Toy Cart Plus adapts to different desires and levels of intellectual advancement. It can be easily adapted to changing trends or to represent the latest cool character from the television show the child is watching. One accessory is a paddle, which allows ‘rowing a boat’ in a swimming pool. The excavator mode makes it fun for children to play in the dirt. The toy crane mode is ideal for grabbing toys at home.

The intention was to cross the barrier between indoors and outdoors while changing configurations to keep the child challenged and engaged. The life span of the toy is extended through the development of modular accessories. These create new revenue streams for the manufacturing company. The parent needs to buy the platform (cart) and then add modules over time based on the interest and desires of their child.

Modular design was the basic approach used in the development of this project. In the long term, the ability to update a toy (rather than totally replace it) saves money and resources. The project was driven by research undertaken through conversations with toy designers, children and parents.

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