With an emerging healthcare industry, various kinds of health and fitness products such as indoor bicycle, oxygen therapy machine, skin care products have been proliferating in the market. However, customers are not able to enjoy the full benefits of new healthcare products due to two main reasons: it is inconvenient to purchase different products individually when functions are not integrated, and it is too expensive. Time Capsule was invented to solve such problems. ‘Turning back time’, Time Capsule seeks to rejuvenate customers by providing integrated skin and body recovery. Even the design of the product which reminds one of a capsule or a pill, and the colour blue which psychologically symbolises stability, were carefully chosen to support the idea of ‘turning back time’. The first function of Time Capsule is a ‘cycling diet programme’. According to various researches and papers, lipolysis induced during cardio exercise gets accelerated. Therefore, specific body part diet becomes possible by targetting a specific part of body during the ‘cycling diet programme’. The second function is the ‘body recovery massage’. This mode relieves tensions from your body by massaging arms, shoulders, and calves after an exercise session. In addition, Nano-particles containing collagen content is sprayed on the user’s face to support skin recovery. Lastly, ‘oxygen therapy’, which happens in a closed capsule, not only helps skin care but also supports fatigue recovery and cures a hangover. Moreover, a 23-inch display and 5.1-channel speaker create a private space where users can enjoy movies or listen to music during the programme.

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