Three Dimensional Music is a product that translates the music listening experience into physical movement. Its flexible surface produces a tangible visualisation of which the user can literally see and feel the music they are listening to. This surface is completely flat when turned off. Music brings the object to life, as the surface responds to the input of music. The speed, direction and amount of movement are defined by the digital data of the song that is playing. The music triggers each small brushless motor to spin left or right, speed up or slow down. With 45 points of movement, Three Dimensional Music can create a large variety of patterns. The flexible skin is cast from a pourable polyurethane to allow the mechanism to be moulded into the surface. This creates a strong joint and clean exterior skin. ShoreA 10 polyurethane is soft by nature, which encourages tactile interaction. The frame is designed to be unobtrusive, blending in while functioning as a housing for the motors. As a colour way, white is neutral, honest and does not distract from the purity of the music. Perforations in a circular direction make a reference to the archetypal nature of the speakers placed behind the grill. Three Dimensional Music is an audio player that is designed to become a showcase in a home. It acts as a stand-alone audio player with the integration of sound bar technology to simulate surround sound. Music wirelessly connects to smart devices, allowing the user to control their music from anywhere at home. To create a more immersive listening experience, Three Dimensional Music has the ability to communicate with external speakers placed around the home.

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