The aim of the Ride Guide project is two-fold. It promotes cycle touring to young New Zealand adults in an entertaining, engaging and informative way and it aims to educate them about the cycling opportunities in New Zealand, thereby, encouraging more participation in this activity and the exploration of Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trail. Currently, most information design relating to cycle touring in New Zealand is communicated through the format of a traditional guidebook. The conventional use of language, factual information, photography, diagrams and physical maps means that these publications are generally ‘dry’ and overtly formal. These publications target a demographic that is already likely to be using the trails. However, there is a lack of information aimed at capturing and educating the younger demographic, including those who may be unfamiliar with the concept of touring, and who are either casual bike riders or complete beginners. The primary strategy is to use illustration in a variety of visual modes to convey information throughout the guidebook. The book is divided in three parts. An introduction begins with the ‘Saddle Stories’ – the images in this story conceptually visualises the tone or ambience implicit in the text in order to stimulate imaginary interpretation of the story. The second section, ‘The Recipe’, deploys pictorial and diagrammatic solutions to educate the reader about the practical components of the cycle tour. Lastly, in the ‘7 Reason’ section, visual metaphor is used to illuminate and expand on key ideas in the text in a way that is palatable and entertaining for the reader.

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