Traditionally, lifesaving boats and buoys are usually isolated and difficult for victims to access when a ship is sinking. The Hope of Ocean is a new type of buoy that starts inflating quickly as soon as it comes into contact with water. The inflatable airbag within expands the buoy to about 10 times the un-inflated length to carry more people on it. The Hope of Ocean buoys are connected and hung around the exterior of the ship ordinarily. When the ship is sinking, the ship’s body enters the ocean at an angle, releasing the buoys. Victims can swim to the closest buoys and when they touch a buoy, it would automatically inflate. This means that the buoys can also be reached by anyone located anywhere on the ship. The connected buoys gather the victims in a ring of support for easier rescue later. They are linked via a materially strong and light steel cable that cannot be easily broken. When not in use, the buoys can be compressed for easy storage.

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