This watch concept is based on the thaumatrope – a type of optical toy that was popular in the nineteenth century and provided animated entertainment until the development of modern cinema. The thaumatrope was a piece of card with a picture on each side and two pieces of string attached. When the strings were twirled rapidly between the fingers, the two images would appear to combine.

To tell the time using the Thaumatrope watch, the wearer simply twirls the dial, which rotates on an axis. This allows the position of the hands to appear in a poetic motion. The hands are designed to appear as one on the twelve instances in which they align.

The front glass and the battery cap materials are balanced in weight to guarantee a proper and smooth rotation of the dial. The silicone battery cap is easy to remove without the need for tools, and also guarantees to keep the watch waterproof without any added features. The clasp on the strap locks with magnets that are located between the screws. This magnet locking system reduces the mechanical parts to a minimum.

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