Tea Packaging for Ducumu gives packaging a second lease of life. This work comprises a packaging box made of raw materials (linen and paper) that has a base containing an energy saving LED light bulb and a mobile power bank. It is an elegant green packaging, but it encourages the owner of the tea to reuse the packaging, which can be converted and assembled into a small lamp along with the contents that come in the base. The inner wall of the lampshade is engraved with a repetitive tea-leaf-shaped pattern that shows up on the exterior linen layer when the lights are turned on. With a cup of tea and a lamp, one quietly reflects on the art of oriental tea culture. This is the poetry between tea and light, an alignment of heart and condition, an encounter between paper and cloth, and integration of lamp and tea. Ducumu is a brand full of warmth, and this packaging is full of vitality.

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