Taped is an M-shaped tape dispenser that slides onto tape rolls of various sizes. The mid-bar sits on the inner face of the roll. The gaps between the mid-bar and cutting edges accommodate different roll sizes. The curvature of the form assists with the easy pickup of the tape end for the next use, and allows Taped to function as a stand for the roll when it is not in use.

The length of mid-bar along with the teeth takes care of a range of tape widths while gaps beside mid-bar help accommodate tapes of different diameters. Curvature in the form assists, easy pickup of tape for next use.

Unlike most tape dispensers, Taped allows very easy tape installation, usage and storage as well. Its ultra simple single-piece structure makes manufacturing easy and allows for a good lifespan due to the lack of moving or retractable parts. This polyurethane dispenser can be produced in a range of colours.

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