Swag Bag removes the uncertainty of packing for first time travellers by encouraging the user to roll their clothes and use the adjustable loop as a guide on what and how to pack. The loops hold clothes in place and allow the bag to be stored vertically, such as hanging off the back of a door. This is perfect for urban travellers who often have limited storage and have to share small spaces.

The bag aims to make it as easy as possible to transit from place to place. Travellers can re-pack easily with the bag folded out. Easy-access laptop and passport pockets make the process of moving through boarder security fast. Swag Bag is standard aircraft carry-on size and the bag is designed with interior lockable zips to ensure your belongings are safe from opportunist thieves.

The materials were chosen for durability and desirability, making the traveller feel like they are part of the urban landscape. The outer fabrics are water resistant and come with a wax pot for maintaining the fabrics. This ritual of re-waxing is designed to encourage a sense of sentimentality towards the bag. This in turns aims to make the product’s lifecycle as long as possible.

Most of the pattern pieces are square and angular to reduce cutting waste, and a minimal number of pattern pieces have been used to save time in production. The lining also has the ability to be customised to make the bag desirable to different target markets.

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