By marrying technologies found in garment factories with practices used in injection molding factories, a three-dimensional manufacturing process for performance eyewear was created. The temple sleeves deliver a unique wearing experience, unlike any other sunglasses. It doesn’t only offer better performance to manage sweat and cool the user, but it also delivers a unique point of differentiation and an iconic look to a brand serious about competing in and disrupting a crowded market. Advances in ultrasonic fabric welding ensure tighter tolerances (previously unachievable), enabling a precision-fit to streamline the appearance of the sleeve on the chassis. The frame was designed to maximise ventilation by strategically placing the temple’s support fins to direct airflow. The open design allows the fabric to wick away sweat more efficiently, and this greater efficiency equates to an improved athletic performance. Removable and interchangeable sleeves make it possible to wash, clean and care for the fabric. Various fabric types can be selected and swopped depending on the needs of the user – either for purpose of colour-matching or to suit wearing conditions (i.e. HeatGear™ for use in extreme heat or ColdGear™ for brisk winter runs). All details, no matter how small, were considered and designed – for example, care and content markings, as well as country of origin, were imprinted directly into the mould to minimise confusion while still communicating in a visually unobtrusive manner.

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