Snow Energy is a portable lamp/smart phone charger powered by the thermoelectric generator. Thermoelectric generator is a smart and affordable technology. This flat tile-shaped generator creates the electricity when there is a temperature difference between its upper and bottom side of the generator. The light bulb head is the vacuum flask for containing hot water to heat up the heat pipe, and this heat pipe is connected to the one side of the thermoelectric generator module. The other side of the module is the spiral-shaped heat sink containing the rechargeable battery. After pouring the hot water into the vacuum flask and assembling it with the rest of the Snow Energy components, the user needs to stick the heat sink into somewhere cold. Then, the thermoelectric generator will create electricity based on the temperature differences from the heat sink and the heat pipe. When the electricity is created it will be stored in the battery, and the user can use it as a mobile power source.

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