The Internet is changing the relationship between the people and product in the world, especially with the advent of mobile devices. Therefore, it makes sense to make use of the Internet to promote the traditional cultural form of “calligraphy”. Smart Writing is a touchscreen stylus brush that is used with an accompany mobile application software (APP). It is built with features of a conventional brush. Brush movements are transferred to the brush tip by a special material, achieving the effect of ‘capacitance’. The contact between the brush tip and the touchscreen sends direct feedback to the APP interface and achieves the purpose of writing. The APP is made up of four components: the practice interface, feedback interface, sharing interface and the settings option. With a large number of free instructional videos on the APP, and a feedback interface with a scoring system, learning calligraphy becomes a much easier process. Meanwhile, this app is also a social platform to exchange feedback on works and gather with like-minded enthusiasts.

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