Television users often face the frustration of not being able to find the remote control when they need it. This Smart TV Box can locate the remote control with only one button and users will never have to worry about the remote control being hidden away by their pets. The integrated design of the remote control and the television box is much simpler. The Smart TV Box does not only serve as a storage box for the remote control, but also a charging base. To recharge the battery, one simply makes sure that the metal points under the remote control comes into contact with the corresponding points on the box. Through the exterior mesh surface, the front panel of the box displays various useful information such as time, weather conditions, humidity level and so on. Users are well-served by the networking capability of the product. The remote control also functions as a game controller and users can easily switch between the two functions. The Smart TV Box is a convenient gadget that meets the entertainment needs of different users. 

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