Smart Box shares some similarities with the ‘iPod OSi’. It has been built to express various forms within a single machine. The eight cubes that make up its front, sides, and back can be connected to a pair of display. Except for the two sides that are already built with a flashlight, speaker, camera and a USB-port, all the other remaining surfaces serve as projecting screens that a the user able to see from different angles. The main feature of Smart Box is the ‘flexible display’ – a new graphic component that has been gaining attention and growing fast worldwide. Its material is very elastic and extremely solid. Hence, Smart Box with ‘flexible display’ can be easily manipulated but not easily broken. A ‘gyro sensor’ was added to save electricity for the sides that would not be in use when it is switched on. The mechanism of the sensor shows how unused sides will be turned off when they move in a certain way. There are many templates that Smart Box can transform into and there are high expectations of the device, as it isn’t restricted to particular formats and it is possible to facilitate diverse purposes customised to the needs of the user. Depending on how the creative matter would be integrated, Smart Box can be rebuilt into new structures. Furthermore, there will be opportunities in providing and enjoying a more diverse categories of contents.

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