This smart air detector can detect air quality, the current environment of PM2.5 value, temperature and humidity – then sync the data to smartphones via the software application (APP), after which the APP will provide the relevant air quality assessment and proposal. Users can upload the assessment over the web and share their findings with friends. In turn, this also encourages people to pay more attention to environmental problems. Detecting air quality: Pressing the button on the side enables air circulation between the two mesh sheets of the device that measure the local PM 2.5 value, temperature and humidity. The data will be shown on the LED display screen. Sync and analyse data: After the detection data is synced, the APP will analyse the data and inform the user of the air quality grade and proposal. Meanwhile, data is automatically saved for future reference. View, upload and share: The user can view records of air quality in the places previously visited, upload the data onto the Internet and share the information with others. This will further encourage outdoor activities or remind people to pay more attention to environmental issues.

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