In a shipwreck, a lifejacket can perhaps save your life, but with the endless rise and fall of the water surface, it is still difficult for the rescuer to grasp the position of the man overboard. With the Signal Life Jacket, the victim can make himself more easily identifiable by activating the SOS balloon on the new lifejacket. To activate, the victim only has to pull down the emergency grip hook on the front of the lifejacket to release the air cylinder on the back. The air cylinder and the connection cord, which is made by high-tenacity nylon material, will quickly fill the balloon with helium so that the balloon floats about 20 metres high into the air (above the horizon). In addition, it features an intermittent LED warning light. Even at night or in poor light, the man overboard can still be seen. This lifejacket uses non-absorbent, high-density soft foam material and possess built-in buoyancy, allowing the users to float well.

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