Create your own personal Wi-Fi cloud and share high-speed 3G and 4G network with up to 10 devices – notebooks, tablets, e-readers, gaming consoles and more. Showboom provides a reliable, long-lasting and dedicated connection for serious Internet users. Designed with a clear, bright and smart display, the user-friendly Showboom makes it easy to find and manage device information. If the user has any questions, on-board help is right at the fingertips. With up to 24 hours of battery life, and in many cases more, the Showboom is powerful and remarkably efficient. It gives the user all-day power for surfing, gaming or watching videos without requiring a mid-day recharge. Superior technology is combined with power management features in this device. Put it on standby mode and the battery life can be conserved for days without ever needing to plug in. Showboom’s built-in ‘power pack’ doubles up as a charger for phones and tablets. When the smartphone’s battery is about to flat line, give it a boost with Showboom’s universal charging feature without compromising on the performance of the device. Now, users and their devices can stay connected for a longer time. The supercharged Showboom is ‘global ready’ and it includes numerous bands for LTE global connectivity. This is the only device of its kind engineered with a patented performance optimisation technology. What some see are what others will hear. Showboom makes connectivity accessible to all, including those with special needs. With the ‘S’ buttons and vibration notification features, even someone with vision impairment will be able to enjoy the benefits of simple connectivity.

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