The new generation outdoor tent is an energy-generating and nature-interactive tent for everybody. It consists of two main features: Solar-Air Tube and Sound Drum. The Solar-Air Tube has a dual-layer structure that enables it to generate solar-powered electricity from one layer and ventilate air from the other layer at the same time. There is a fan at each end of the tube and natural airflow mechanism is employed. Thus, during winter, the air ventilation system keeps the tent interior warm. During summer the upper fan absorbs and blows out the hot air from the tent to keep it cool. The Sound Drum captures the sound of nature such as raindrops, wind, and birds. This allows users to interact with nature even when they are inside the tent. Sound Drum consists of two symmetric funnels connected together. The exterior funnel is placed outside the tent to capture the sounds of nature while the interior funnel channels the sounds into the tent. These components of the Sound Drum can be operated using electricity generated by the organic solar cell on the outer funnel. The ultimate goal of this tent is to expand each function of the tent and apply them to create a survival shelter for refugees in isolated area.

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