Construction workers have to perform high-risk work on scaffolds in a hazardous operating environment where their safety considerations are frequently overlooked. Overloading and collapse of construction scaffolding often occur before the workers can be evacuated. So Scaffold Alert was designed as a scaffolding sensor and alarm to give ample warning to safety risks. Scaffold Alert uses pressure-sensor nodes to detect overloading that goes beyond the scaffold’s maximum safe load capacity. When overloading is detected, Scaffold Alert activates a flashing red danger light and an audible warning alarm. This is a safe and environmentally friendly design that makes effective use of renewable energy. Through the efficient employment of green power generation using pressure-driven piezoelectric technology, and by harnessing the force of wind gusts around high-rise scaffolding, electricity is generated thereby eliminating the need for any additional power supply. In this way, it promotes environmental protection and the use of green energy.

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