With traditional scanners, it is very difficult to get a clean scan without distortion when the pages reach the middle-folds of the book. Often, users would press down hard on a book down and break the book spine in attempt to correct this distortion. With older or rarer books, this causes the book spine and signatures to crack and deteriorate over time. With the SaddleScan, a book is gently straddled across the top edge of the scanner. With minimal effort and virtually no damage to the structure of the book, undistorted and full high-resolution page scans are obtained. High-efficiency dual-scan-heads on either side of the unit make quick work of scan jobs while alleviating the need for traditional scanner covers. The unit also folds flat to provide a more traditional scanning experience for large single page scans up to 15″ x 18″ in size. A skeletal structure of aluminium keeps the unit lightweight, yet rigid and strong. and an integrated wireless transmitter or receiver allows for untethered scanning.

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