It is difficult for parents to multitask and pay attention to their baby at the same time. When a baby starts crying, the parent usually stops working to rock the stroller back and forth to soothe the baby. Therefore, it is difficult to continue a task with a baby around. Motivated by the idea of a parent rocking a baby as a soothing motion, the Rocking Stroller has a moving seat. Owing to this function, babies feel soothed and safe as though they are held in a parent’s arms. As such, parents can also concentrate on other matters with an easeful mind. The stroller seat moves back and forth when the high-carbon steel spring (more comfortable) in the bouncer winds and unwinds. The speed can be adjusted with five steps. The Rocking Stroller can be used outdoors or as a stationary rocker indoors after separating the stroller seat. It becomes possible to take care of daily tasks even with a baby in care.

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