After learning to walk, the sense of balance is one of the most important abilities for young children to master. A running bike leads children to the bicycle and trains them to control their balance.

Rocket Racer has an integrated handle on the top, which enables parents to carry the bike easily if the child doesn’t want to use it any longer. The seat is fixed to the central frame with two screws so its height can be quickly adjusted. This allows the bike to be used from the age of about two until the age of five years. The soft, padded seat area enables a fast and comfortable ride even on bumpy ground.

The key material is coloured Arboform – a blend of lignin and natural fibre, which are mixed into a synthetic thermoplastic. Lignin is a by-product of the paper industry. Arboform can be used like a normal plastic. The design is modern and sporty, which gives Rocket Racer a totally different appearance than most running bikes. Made of safely screwed shells, Rocket Racer is stable, simple to produce, and lightweight.

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