From the first Atari console that introduced us to a new form of entertainment, the gaming industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Today, MLG (Major League Gaming) propels gamers to constantly search for the next cutting-edge peripheral. In particular, the FPS (first person shooter) genre is one of the most demanding gaming categories, where every second makes a difference between life and death in the virtual world, and thus, a high performance mouse is important for the game. Currently, the market is saturated with options for the consumer looking to better their game. Although many companies have managed to produce user-tailored FPS mouse models, the designers at Nosh studio have identified clear opportunities to improve upon. The Revus gaming mouse has been designed from a clean slate. Through identifying key issues while improving upon tried and tested techniques of the industry, a revolutionary mouse in both design and function is conceived. What immediately sets Revus apart from existing mouse models on the market is its unusual aesthetic. The ominous black finish with fine details paints a mysterious yet beckoning presence. While most gaming mouse are well designed for the specific age group, many do not address the aesthetic desires of the X and Y generation. For this mature group of users, themed designs and sci-fi-inspired aesthetics often do not appeal. Revus’s sleek finishing contrasts with the fine details and texture to reconnect with this generation. The unique design aesthetic was a derived from the needs of the user. The claw grip utilises an arched fingertip grip, punctuated by a light-touch at the base of the palm that stretches to the rear of the mouse. It is designed such that no other parts of the mouse come into contact with the hand and palm. Created specifically for the FPS gamer who uses the claw grip, the side surfaces are textured for an improved grip, while the entire top surface has been removed to ensure there is no obstruction to movement. Custom trigger settings are also introduced to the mouse to improve individual trigger performance. Although manufactured from standard materials and techniques, Revus still manages to escape the trap of being identified as a ‘gaming mouse’. Simple approaches that celebrate materiality distinguish Revus from other mouse models. It incorporates details such as a fabric-wrapped cord that minimises tangle and easy-to-clean high-gloss top surface – all adding value to the understated yet functionally driven design. Revus is orchestrating expectations and change for the future of gaming.

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