When a war ends, houses have all fallen apart, broken walls surround the neighbourhood and children have no places to play. The Reconstruction of City covers post-war ruins with a module system that can be assembled to form a temporary playing space, in an effort to recreate a relaxing and happy environment for children of post-war environments. The product is designed as inflatable modules that can be connected to make a triangle, rectangle, pentagon and other shapes. They can also be connected in a vertical manner to cover areas that are not structurally safe. The connecting structure is made with a strong, bendable carbon fibre material and buckles are used to secure the connecting joints. The adjustable buckles allows for good extendibility, flexibility and strength in the final product. A new low-cost, flexible and safe playing place is immediately formed atop the ruins. By using inflatable modules, it effectively targets problems of space, transport and storage limitations of recovering post-war areas. The inflated modules also cushion accidents that may occur when children play. The Reconstruction of City not only provides the children with freedom and joy, but also creates pathways on post-war ruins. This brings some sense of liveability, warmth and care to victims and children of war.

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