R1 ATOM Tram will increase the appeal of public transport, highlighting the new power of Russian transport engineering. It is a business-class tram for the central parts of major cities and towns. The interior and parts of the body are designed with more expensive finishing materials. Comfort and economy class trams will be available for cities with smaller populations. The R1 ATOM Tram sets a new standard in public transport across the country. The configuration of the passenger compartment is optional and adaptable to the tasks of a particular route and the specifics of an urban environment. High level of comfort and modern visual solution enable the tram to meet the needs of a large part of the population, who travel daily from remote areas to the urban city. This, in turn, addresses the problem of traffic density in large cities and supports a modern, eco-friendly and comfortable urban environment. R1 ATOM Tram is the first three-section fully low-floor tram made in Russia. The absence of stair steps makes the tram safer and minimises the time of boarding and alighting from the tram. Besides, the step-less design makes access to the tram easy and convenient for the elderly, anyone with impaired mobility and parents with baby carriages. The design keynote of the new line is the black Ural semi-precious stone in metal frame, whose mirror surface literally reflects the city. Most modern trams have aerodynamic shapes and travel with an average speed of 24 km/h in cities. However, the external appearance of the R1 ATOM Tram was based on a fundamentally different approach. This approach focuses primarily on the safety of city residents. The driver cab literally ‘hangs’ above the roadbed, thereby widening the driver’s angle of vision. This helps avoid accidents on the tramway.

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