Packed in a linen sack material, paper tube and other components, the Qianmu rice paper packaging brings out a natural, elegant style. By rolling up a four-feet ‘xuan’, slotting it into a cardboard tube and lastly, connecting the paper roll and the packaging with a string, this method reinvents the traditional way of packaging ‘xuan’ – usually by flat-folding each paper into three parts. The new packaging combines tradition with modern expression. By combining the traditional Chinese colours, ‘dai’ and a ‘light coloured yolk’, it highlights the quality and uniqueness of traditionally produced ‘xuan’ paper. All components of the packaging are made with environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials and thus, eliminating secondary pollution. By drawing the string to pull out the paper, it prevents the rice paper from getting damaged. The elevens steps of ancient ‘xuan’ paper making process are printed on cards and packaged with the paper, so that users can learn more about the traditional methods, as well as the significance of rice paper tradition.

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