Puristick is a compound word of ‘purist’ and ‘stick’, which makes a reference to bamboo charcoal stick that purifies the space and the soul. The design of the speaker itself is inspired by the cracking texture of charcoal. At first glance, Puristick looks like a decorative purifier. However, once a smartphone is docked, it reveals is function as a speaker dock. The intention is to translate this traditionally used material, the bamboo charcoal, into a modern design language. At the same time, bamboo charcoal has been proven by research to be an effective material at absorbing electromagnetic radiation, fine dust and odours in the room because it emits negative ions. So as Puristick sits in a room, it also purifies the environment, creating clean air and a space with less radiation. Furthermore, bamboo charcoal is a sustainable material that complements the philosophy of Puristick.

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