Powder explosion is a powerful and frequent occurrence. It is threatening to lives and buildings. While thinking about how accidents caused by powder explosion can be avoided, the designers also thought about how it can be efficiently used. Thus, the Powder Engine was born. Existing machinery and automobile engines usually use non-renewable fossil oil as fuel, which produces a large volume of poisonous gas and causes air pollution. However, the Powder Engine can make full use of unused, abandoned and renewable resources, such as bamboo, wood chips, crops and abandoned furniture. Gather all kinds of flammable resources first, transform them into powder, and transform the powder into power through the Powder Engine. The depletion and exhaustion of resources and the deterioration of the environment have become serious bottlenecks constraining economic and social development. Therefore, clean energy needs to be explored. The Powder Engine is environmentally friendly, because the powder burns completely, only producing carbon dioxide and water during the combustion process. Due to the characteristics of environmental preservation and the dependency on renewable resources, the Powder Engine promotes the development of the times and embodies great potential. Powder Engine can be applied to construction machinery, port machinery, motor vehicle and electricity generation fields.

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