For the tourist class passenger, one of the most crucial needs is to be able to travel without suffering from an inappropriate level of comfort. The Posture Seat addresses this need by offering a new comfort standard for tourist class seats – comfort that is maintained by accommodating a wide range of postures. This allows the passenger to engage on an active seating mode, which offers substantial quantitative and qualitative health benefits.   A mechanical system provides dynamic support which increases the seat’s capacity to actively respond to the morphological properties of each user. This active adaptability significantly improves the comfort level by providing a support in which the body of the user, and not the seat frame, determines the seat’s reaction to the user. The specific design and movement characteristics of the seat structure are designed to respond according to the characteristics of the human anatomy, by mimicking the natural rotation of the back and pelvis. This attribute creates a seating area that does not restrict circulation, and distributes pressure on the appropriate areas of the body. Additionally, the dynamic support produces and maintains a proper alignment and balance between the spine regions on a wide range postures, as well as generating the same level of comfort, regardless of the body shape and size. The Posture Seat represents a natural development on the quest to equalise the seat design to suit the passenger’s comfort requirements, with a seat concept that harmonises with the passenger’s body and movements.

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